By: Revanche

Physical Discomfort

February 7, 2008

It’s definitely been one of those weeks. Bills looming, wee little paychecks scrambling to keep up … you know, the usual.

Except ……

I’ve been coming down with this cold for days, with a nasty, bone-rattling cough, swollen throat and sneezes two times too big for my body.


Every single day this week, I’ve hurt myself somehow. Two days ago, I nearly broke my hip running into the edge of Coworker’s desk coming out of the kitchen, then took out the same side again on the restroom doorknob yesterday. And, of course, the entire office is laughing at me now because I hit the door frame with my elbow going to wash my hands. I think the secretary’s going to burst something, she’s laughing so hard. I’m like a gawky 13-year-old.

And ….

Ergonomics? Nah. I can’t stop trying to sit with my legs crossed for the life of me. My physical therapist, whom I haven’t seen in three MONTHS, told me to stop doing that because it’s not good for my posture. When did I get old enough to have posture problems, by the by?? So I’m firmly planting my feet on the stepstool that keeps my feet level, otherwise they’d be dangling a foot off the ground. Firmly, with conviction. Only to find my right leg sneakily, slowly, steathily creeping back ’round to cross over the left leg. Stop! Why is it so hard to break habits??

3 Responses to “Physical Discomfort”

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Ms. MiniDucky – I know exactly what you mean about sitting that way I sit the exact same way. Its only hard to break the habit for a day or two then you just forget about it.

    Hope you feel better! I ended up with a flu and a fever this past weekend so I know its not fun. I’d insert a do this to get well suggestion but I’m sure you know enough of them.

  2. Jesse says:

    Hey, sorry you’re feeling sick…I gotta say, 1g+ a day of vitamin C, decaf green tea, and some zinc lozenges really do help, if you haven’t tried it…

  3. ~Matt~ I almost feel like I have to place something on my lap to prevent myself from moving.

    I’m glad it’s just a cold, otherwise I’d be fatigued and achy too.

    ~Jesse~ Thanks, I’m drinking a lot of OJ right now. I’ll have to pick up some zinc tomorrow.

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