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real quick, direct from vegas

February 20, 2008

Sad people do spend more money. I’ve been in Las Vegas since Sunday working crazy hours.
Meetings run from 7:30 am to 3 p.m. and continue again from 6 p.m. until 11 or later through cocktail hour and dinner. All this professional socializing, while sick, has been taking a major toll on my energy, and I’ve also been stressed by relationship woes.

So, I bought this gorgeous red thing last night because I’d only packed modest, comfortable clothing, and nothing worthy of going out like we decided to do at the last minute. Shops here are RIDICULOUS expensive, and I couldn’t believe that I thought, “Well. $36 for a dress …. uh …. isn’t … that … bad?”

Ack! Thoroughly defeated my own scheme of making sure that I spend nothing while away on this trip to alleviate the crushing weight of bills waiting for me back home. Doh!

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  1. Jesse says:

    On the other hand, getting away from vegas having spent $36 is a pretty damn good accomplishment

  2. Blue says:

    I would like to only spend $36 on a dress. Normally I either buy from or something ridiculously overpriced in a department store.

    And that is a GORGEOUS dress.

  3. Cute dress! $36 is not too bad.

    Ooh, and I know how the Vegas can be. I spent a month there for work in ’06. Luckily, I hung out with a very frugal friend, otherwise my gambling could have gotten out of hand. My max outlay of cash was about $3 total; I ended up winning it back. I did buy a few pairs of shoes whilst out there. Other than that, work luckily paid for everything. Have some fun, you deserve to forget about your troubles for a few hours!

  4. ~Jesse~ You’re probably right. I know that a few of my colleagues from the other company lost $4000, $200, and $300, respectively. I actually got something for my money 🙂

    ~blue~ I’ve never heard of before, how’s their quality?

    ~sense to dollars~ $3 in a month? Seriously? I spent $4 over two days, and I don’t even really care to gamble for the sake of gambling.
    It was just fun to do cheap gambling with the girls.

  5. Blue says: actually has some really nice stuff. Just yesterday I was at a store (for frat boys and sorority girls who have more money than sense) on Guadalupe by UT and I saw a pair of shoes that I had bought on (for $15, of course) that had originally been priced $45.99 and were marked down to $29.99. Either way, I still win.

    And I love their dresses. They’re usually 100% polyester, which means you can throw them into a suitcase and go. Those are the only things I’ve bought, shoes and dresses, because online ordering is touchy for me. Besides, it’s only $15… if something doesn’t fit right, I can always find someone who wants it. (Or one could resell it on eBay, if feeling adventurous.) They don’t accept returns, but luckily I’ve liked everything so far and guessed my sizes right 😀

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