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Battling money drain

March 16, 2008

I just found out that, in addition to the $500 deductible I’ve already put on a credit card for the sedan’s repairs, I need to come up with another $500 for getting my car fixed, AND MaDucky went out and destroyed another tire to the tune of $80. Unfortunately, the first deductible, and multiple other tire-related accidents, have already drained the car fund that was for this very purpose. *sigh*

In the spirit of not letting bad news drag me down, I’m looking for creative ways to recoup the losses, since I’m now limited in the hours I can put in at the job.

Thanks to Jonathon, I’ve signed up for the $25 bonus over at Revolution Money Exchange. It’s a money transfer service beta, and there’s no deposit required to try it.

I’ve invited a couple friends for an additional $10 bonus. If you’d like a free $25 and wouldn’t mind kicking the referral $10 my way for the car fund, please send me an email at and I’ll gladly send you an invite. It’d be pretty cool if I could put together enough money from referrals to help offset some of the upcoming $600 in bills, since I’m draining the e-fund at a pretty fast clip on rent and other emergency household costs.

6 Responses to “Battling money drain”

  1. Something about tires and your mom just don’t mesh

    (psst.. i’m selling my manga but I can’t get rid of lone wolf and cub because I love the series SO MUCH… LOL… I know you’re a fan 😉 thought you’d get a kick out of that)

  2. Something about my mom and DRIVING don’t mesh. But that’s a whole other post for another week.

    I can’t blame you, I couldn’t get rid of any of my comics because I cherish the few I’ve got 🙂 In fact, I’m kinda proud of you for holding on to that series in particular. It’s so good!

  3. Ms. M&P says:

    Another tire? Geez, you’ve had a rough month. Hang in there. Things will get better.

  4. Sounds like MY mother.. :\

    LW&C rocks. I’d carry them in a sack around with me if I had to 😛

  5. ~sense to dollars~ Happy to oblige!

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