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Coping mechanisms

March 5, 2008

During Little Boss’s absence, I raised an insurrection.

Wait, no, I mean I instituted a fitness plan for the office to work off some of our stress and unhealthy, sedentary habits. We have a terrible habit of eating all day, all the time, at our desks or in the conference room, and just not getting any exercise in or out of the office.

Coworker 1 is the only one who goes to a yoga class regularly. The rest of us are out-of-shape slobs. For Coworkers 2 and 3, I’ve been manning the office while they play tennis in the courts behind our office building. They may not manage much of a rally, but definitely work up a sweat and felt great within a day or two of starting to play. Coworker 3 reports that his rocks of shoulder muscles are loosening up on their own!

Since I can’t play tennis (the arthritis objects), I’d been taking two or three very five-minute breaks throughout the day to do a little kung fu. My kicks were starting to go all over the place, though, and I think that I was starting to practice bad habits because my muscles are still sad and weak, so I stopped and tried something different last week: Monopolized the conference room for about 25 minutes, combining my two 15 minute breaks that I never take, put on some motivational music, and worked through the beginnings of a few forms. It doesn’t require anyone to hold a kicking pad for me, or any company except when I forget the next step in the form. To stave off that frustration, friend K provided some YouTube links of some classmates doing parts of the form, and I get wireless in the conference room, so voila! I have music, reminder video clips if necessary, and a little room to get my blood going. My back was sore for days afterward.

Today, I tried using the tennis courts behind the office building and I like that a little better. It’s a bit exposed, but I get lovely sunshine and more room. No more running into walls for me!

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  1. SavingDiva says:

    I think it’s great that you’re finding ways to become more physically active. I am jealous that your coworkers get to play tennis. I love tennis, but it’s too expensive to play in the winter (indoor courts are super expensive).

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