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March 6, 2008

Two overdraft charges! (I add that exclamation point because I would normally be outraged, but I’m just so tired that I feel utterly dragged down instead.) I just logged onto Yodlee and found one overdraft charge on my main WAMU account, and logged into WAMU to find the second one.

On Sunday, I logged into the car financing site to pay the car note, and even though I remember clicking on the dropdown menu to choose Checking Account #2, which had money in it, they withdrew the money out of Checking Account #1, which did not. I don’t have any way of proving this, and it’s possible I could have really made the mistake myself. The money was withdrawn two days ago, on a particularly trying day, so I hadn’t even logged into Yodlee to check on the status of my accounts. So, one $30 charge.

On top of that, the check I wrote for massage therapy over the weekend was deposited the next day, yesterday, and I missed that completely because there was more than enough money to cash that check. Just not the first, unexpected one. Another $30 charge.

Given the compound stresses of the past six months, and my only just now beginning to deal with them, I think my financial home is beginning to topple because I simply have not concentrated on the million and one things that need tending to. This could have just been a stupid error, but I don’t think I would have made that mistake if I weren’t so distracted by all the things going wrong.

It’s an indication of my fussed mental state that I’m just transferring a large chunk of money from the efund to the overdrawn account and not even dwelling on how to fight for that money back or even on the effects of that stupid mistake.

4 Responses to “Defeated”

  1. Ms. M&P says:

    Oh no! You sound like you’re in desperate need of a mini vacay. Maybe you could take a day off work? You sound super stressed!

    Good luck taking care of everything.

  2. It’ll be ok. Deep breaths! Forget about the efund transfer, you have more than enough to cover it. I think the most important thing to focus on right now in your life is your health. I know you have alot of things on your plate to worry about, but it is ok to put yourself first once in a while. Go get a massage, or, if you think you need it, a therapy session to help with the grieving process. It can be a whopper some days.

  3. Dedicated says:

    You are not defeated, you are expanding your mind and learning a lesson that will keep you from greater expense and harm later.

    It’s actually a wonderful thing.

    Stay positive –

  4. Bart says:

    Wamu has never failed me when I’ve asked for a refund of fees/charges like that if it was a mistake. Especially if you’re a long-term loyal customer.

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