By: Revanche

I’m a bloody idjit. Really.

March 31, 2008

I just rescued my baby from the auto body shop on Saturday, and was getting mentally geared up to sell off the truck. It was really finally gonna happen! So what do I do? I went out last night to Pinkberry to see my friend, freshly back from New York, and had to drop him off at his sister’s afterward.

It was dark, unfamiliar territory, and I was a bit distracted trying to see what streets were in front of me … in the middle of a left turn. And I went over part of a divider just enough so that the underside of my bumper was scraping along the ground. *sigh* I was so very angry with myself, how could I be SO careless?? She was literally just liberated the day before, and I had to go and wreck another part.

That’s what I get for being careless. I don’t even know what the cost will be, but part of me just wants to rip off that bottom part that’s dragging and keeps getting scuffed up anyway.

Friend told me that it was because I’d gotten her war wounds repaired, and she doesn’t want to be a prissy girly car. (Yes, my car’s a girl.) GAH.

2 Responses to “I’m a bloody idjit. Really.”

  1. Ms. M&P says:

    Aww. Your car is like the Tatum O’neil of the Bad News Bears! Some scrapes and bruises add character. Plus, aren’t bumpers made to get dented and scraped?

  2. ~Ms. M&P~ Oh, the bumper’s pretty scruffy, but if that’s all the damage there was, I’d be happy. Post later …..

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