By: Revanche

Project: Oxiclean!

March 16, 2008

Where has Oxiclean been all my life?? It’s a $3 miracle!

On C1’s recommendation, I’d bought a jar of Oxiclean last week, but only got the tiniest size on the shelf because, even though the 6 lb. tub was much more economical per ounce, it didn’t make sense to be left with 5.9 lbs of product if it didn’t work like I’d expected.

Materials and Methods:
My white sweater from the New York trip succumbed to a combination of spilling half the juices from my leftover pork chops down my front, making a lovely brown puddle underneath the ruching, and a weird pattern of blue-ish gray spots that I’m convinced was from washing or drying the shirt in the same load of laundry as my new blue jeans. (I have since seen the wisdom in separating my single large load of wash into two small loads of lights and darks.)

I borrowed Boy Coworker’s white socks to go running around the tennis courts for an hour. Ab-so-lute-ly filthy.

My own socks were slowing turning blue from, again, being washed in the same load as jeans.

All victims of my hard-living lifestyle were soaked in a tub of Oxiclean and water solution for about three hours yesterday, and then washed in cold water with another scoop of Oxiclean added to the detergent, and voila!

The white sweater only has the faintest of blue-ish circles left, in a couple spots, and the brown pork chop stain is entirely gone! The boy socks are almost as good as new (they really were quite dirty to begin with) and my own socks are white once again!

I’ve already used most of the wee tub, so I’ll need to add the 6 lb-er to my shopping list. I should probably stick to using it for laundry, and not try to clean every other thing with it to keep costs down.

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  1. We have it at home too. Works like a charm on my white clothes 😉

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