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UglyDolls are better than real dolls

March 27, 2008

BoyDucky and I discovered this weirdly cute toy a few years ago at his first foray into my Mecca (San Diego Comic Convention). He was smitten, and promptly bought hundreds of them as gifts for his family and friends. It was probably his most memorable discovery from that Con and validated my insistence that he should give Con a chance because it was not ALL about comic books, manga and anime.

We’ve been on their mailing list ever since, and still fondly read emails about new colors and characters being introduced to the UglyDoll pantheon as a doting aunt and uncle might read family newsletters.

The UglyDolls have quickly spread from Con to specialty stores, and then to mainstream stores. I felt such sentimental pride when I saw an UglyDoll in a SanRio store: awww … they’re making it in the real world! And a dash of, “I remember when they were just a booth at Con.” Today I read an article about UglyDolls extolling their appeal to boys, and was surprised to realize that it’s an article in the New York Times. How’s that for validation? Good on you, creators of UglyDolls!

I love them because they’re soft and squishy, and practically stuffed animals but they’re not the usual bear or bunny. And real dolls creep me out. Something about their eyes. There’s nothing creepy about the rakish, sewn on, XXs for eyes these dudes have.

4 Responses to “UglyDolls are better than real dolls”

  1. Rabia says:

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  2. Jon says:

    “And real dolls creep me out.”

    Indeed! Although I’m not sure if you’re talking about “real” dolls or Real Dolls ™. Either way.

  3. ^^^ Jon

    Real Dolls are VERY creepy

    But so are “real” dolls like porcelain princesses and girl dolls with moving eyes. *shudder*

    I like the middle Ugly Doll…/creature

  4. ~Jon~ Yikes! I was talking about “real” dolls, but Real Dolls(tm) are just as creepy. I’ve never seen those before ….

    ~FB~ I think the little background stories and names are very cute: Wage, Ox, Babo, Wedgehead, etc. 🙂

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