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Any excuse to go shopping: moving out!

April 21, 2008

Oh no, not me, and not today. My coworker! For the past few days in a row, C2’s been wearing some really cute sweaters, and I finally caught on that I don’t ever remember seeing them before. When I asked if she went shopping, she stopped dead with the guiltiest look I’ve ever seen: “Yee…eeess….. I couldn’t resist! All my clothes were in boxes and I couldn’t find anything! …. I shopped online ….. and I like everything I got!”

I swear, that girl is the funniest thing. She acted SO guilty! I’m not the budget police! Oh wait, I kind of am. But I don’t care if she goes shopping, that’s just more clothes I can borrow later 😉

So another dangerous way to fall prey to the shopping bug, and spend too much money, is to pack away your clothes in boxes for a few days. Who knew?

2 Responses to “Any excuse to go shopping: moving out!”

  1. Sounds like something I’d do.. ok.. will, and HAVE done 😛

  2. ~FB~ Hence the Closet for sale, non? 😉 I’m just warning myself as well, since at some point, moving will be an issue!

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