By: Revanche

Aw rats, so much for my LNT vacuum

April 15, 2008

There’s nothing on the Linens’n’Things website yet, but I hear they’re about to declarebankruptcy. C3 had mentioned hearing about the possibility a few weeks, but since I couldn’t find any news on it, I didn’t think anything of it.

After waiting months, using our old yucky vacuum that spits up, to earn enough points to redeem for all the GC I want, the master plan to spend nothing out of pocket may not work out.

On Saturday, I spent part of the morning at LNT doing some hands-on research with their floor models, and had finally decided on the two models I liked best for lightweight maneuverability, and nice attachments. The next step was to order my $100 GC from Thank You points, and bring home my new vacuum baby!

Now I’m hesitant: I’ve already got a $50 GC on hand, but that’s not enough for either vacuum I want. If I get the $100 in time, I’ll have too much money left over since I’ll also be stacking the GC and sale with a 20% off coupon. That’s assuming they don’t stop accepting their own GCs like Sharper Image did! Yar. I hate being thwarted.

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