By: Revanche

Cell Phone Plan Irony

April 9, 2008

To continue the GN/BN series …..

Good News: It’s been two months since I switched to AT&T. After all my griping and moaning about the expensive plans, and most especially, the lack of minutes with those plans, I was pleasantly surprised by my usage of the past two months. I was going from 1000 minutes to 450. I was fully using those 1000 minutes every month, as well as 400 text messages, so the concern that I was either in for a smackdown reality bill, or wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone at all seemed pretty valid.

Instead, I’ve closed each billing period with a little over a hundred minutes to rollover, so I’m pretty happy about that. Granted, I have been imposing pretty strict limits on my chatting, and it helps that I ride to and from work with a friend most days now so I don’t have to spend an hour on the ride home on the phone anymore. Oh, and he’s on AT&T so even if I did talk to him because we took different trains, that just comes out of my mobile to mobile minutes.

Bad News: I’ve reviewed my latest bill, and there is no corporate discount!! Grrr …..

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