By: Revanche

Geekified thrice over

April 19, 2008

It might only be twice over, actually. I was geeking it up gamer style on the train the other day, as my friend and I were giggling over this Photoshopped but oh so appropriate image from Joystiq:


And since I’ve been in the mood for the stocks and bonds side of PF geekery, it occurred to me that it’d be awesome to own some Nintendo stock. I discovered that Nintendo ( isn’t even on the NYSE! They’re traded on the Pink Sheets, which I’d never even heard of. So now I’m trying to figure out just how difficult it is to get on the Pink Sheets just so I can own a few shares of NTDOY. 😀 I think they’re trading at approximately $68/share, unless I totally misread the Sheets. Can anyone understand why the company that put out the DS and the million iterations of it isn’t even on the NYSE? Is it just because they’re foreign, or just because they don’t want to make their budgets/accounting public? Hmmm….

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