By: Revanche


April 17, 2008

For the last four hours of work, visions of a hotel room overlooking the beach, literally with a balcony right over the sand, sun, and waves were all I could think about. Running shoes, a stack of books, a beach chair, sunglasses and a hat. That’s all I need this weekend. Just get away from everyone and everything, all the crazy at home, the crazy at work; widen that space of time in between work and home into a whole day of just relaxing without anyone chattering at me, asking questions, or expecting attention. Ahhhh ….. that sounds vunderbar!

Friend A offered me a room at her place, Friend E wants me to come visit her out of state. Married Friend has a room for me. That’s all great, and I’ll take them all up on it one of these days. But probably not this weekend. I’m all prickly inside and can’t even muster the energy to imagine being a good guest.

BoyDucky offered me his other free SW ticket to come up and visit this weekend. Otherwise, the next opportunity he and I’ll have to visit isn’t until mid-May. He understands I may really need time to myself so I can make the decision when I’m ready. The beauty of the Green Pass Must Ride is that I can call to make the reservation and show up at the ticket counter with practically no notice and no extra fees to pay.

What to do … what to do …

Ar! The weather this weekend is not looking promising anywhere. I will definitely not be getting my beach day.

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