By: Revanche

Microwave Math

April 13, 2008

Since Ma and PaDucky are champing at the bit to replace our microwave, I’ve been doing a lot of research online about microwaves using MoneyDummy‘s discovery: Consumer Research.

It doesn’t seem like there’s much consistency in microwave quality between brands, and there definitely doesn’t appear to be correlation between cost and quality. Since that’s the case, I’m just looking for a product that satisfies our needs in terms of size, power and features, and a better than average sense of satisfaction from previous buyers. There’s not much else I can do about it. Oh, and availability from a merchant for whom I can redeem Thank You points. Spending as little out of pocket as possible is crit-i-cal.

I’ve finally settled on redeeming $100 for 10,000 TY points for Bed, Bath and Beyond. They would have to order the Sharp R-305KS and have it delivered to my home in about 5 business days, but the advantage of ordering in store, instead of online, is that they’ll allow me to use their 20% off coupon on the purchase in-store. I’d already tried to have them do a store to store transfer, but the employee who tried calling other stores didn’t have any luck, apparently they don’t carry it in this region. Unfortunately, that’s the drawback to BBB, in my opinion, they don’t have in-store pickup for many of the products I looked at, unlike LNT.

Comparison shopping revealed that has the same product, with free shipping, for $99. BBB has it listed for $120. With the coupon, plus $11.95 shipping (nope, couldn’t weasel out of that charge either), the oven will cost $108, plus tax. Using the $100 GC, I should only be out of pocket about $20. I was shooting for 100% “free” via GC, but I won’t redeem more simply because I can’t redeem for a 1:1 ratio on less than a $100 GC. I believe the next step down is $50 for 6000 points, and that’s just a waste of 1000 points. Also, I practically never shop at BBB so there’s no reason to tie up more money there. I’d just gratuitously waste the excess GC later on stuff I probably don’t need. Unless …. I might need stuff for the new apartment next year …..

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