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My accountant is a genius (aka, I am a rank amateur)

April 1, 2008

Little of Column A, little of Column B.

Once again, any lingering regrets that I didn’t handle the tax return myself have been dispelled. PaDucky has the forms so I haven’t inspected his work with a finetooth comb yet, but it sounds to me like he’s more than earned his keep. The man has not only magicked the forms to produce a federal tax bill of $1290, approximately one third the total of my own margin-scribbles math, but he offset that with a state refund of $998. Throw in the tax rebate to hit my checking account on May 9th, and you have one happy happy ‘ducky.

Until the taxes have been paid, and the money I’m expecting is in my virtual, grubby hands, I probably won’t believe it. I know that’s weird, there’s no reason to doubt, but I also didn’t have a possible “windfall” to look forward to in the form of my dedicated savings account for taxes. Assuming those numbers are right, I’ll not only have an extra $300 after everything’s shaken out, I’ll have my ENTIRE tax savings account left over. I’ve not only been putting away money to pay taxes in there, I’ve been salting away any little money I’ve gotten, interest money from loans and the like, to keep safer than safe since I knew I wouldn’t touch that account for anything until April 15th.

Now I’ve got a little gremlin in my mind saying, pssst! That’s all windfall, ‘ducky! What’re you gonna DO with it?? I’m pret-ty excited…. so I’ll definitely take a few days to decide how this will be divvied up. E-fund? Mini e-fund? Car fund?

**I was putting this post together before the car thing. Talk about counting your ducklings ….**

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  1. Don’t you love rebates? 🙂

  2. ~FB~ I love rebates, but I love keeping them more 🙂

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