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My friends are too good to me

April 5, 2008

Remember my great couple friends? Last week, they invited me to join them this weekend for a play or musical. They’d been getting tickets on the cheap, they’d said, and threw out a $20-ish price range. Even though I’m on a pretty strict spending diet, I’ve never seen Phantom of the Opera, and getting out for a cultural experience for $20 sounded great.

Sadly, the tickets were priced out at $70 yesterday, and I had to decline. I can spare $20, but definitely not $70. Instead of letting me off the hook, Friend C offered to pay the rest of the ticket’s cost. I felt like that was just too much, and I told him so, but he insisted that not only was it not too much, he was perfectly happy to do it. Still, uneasy with his spending that much on me, I told him to think about it and be absolutely sure he was ok with it before buying my ticket.

He called me this morning to let me know that he’d picked up our tickets, and in a little over an hour, we’ll be bound for the Performing Arts Center. I’m really excited, but mostly keep thinking that they’re way too good to me.

2 Responses to “My friends are too good to me”

  1. Yay! i love friends like that. your opportunity to pay him back (maybe not in $$ necessarily) will come soon enough.

    how’d you like the show?

  2. ~sense to dollars~ That’s true. I look at things in B/W too much, and always feel like it has to be one for one, but we’re good enough friends that it shouldn’t be an issue. I’m good emotional support! 🙂

    The show was AWESOME. You know how time seems compressed when you’re watching something really good? The first act seemed to FLY by. It was even better because I’ve only seen about two minutes of one scene as a child, and so haven’t ever seen the show at all.

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