By: Revanche

Prepping to Move Out: Part I

April 22, 2008

I know I haven’t said much about the impending move since my final decision earlier this month. Rest assured, I have not changed my mind. It’s simply been a very busy time getting used to the idea, dealing with work drama, not so incidentally trying to figure out if I’m going to have a job for much longer, etc. Lots of things going on all at once, lots to think about. But, I have not forgotten, nor changed my mind. More than ever, I understand the need to move out is valid, and my real problem is restraining myself from going buck-wild quitting my job, packing up the car and moving cross country in the middle of the night so no one can find me again. Yeah. Once you open the spigot, watch out!!

Anyway, I know that I need to save up money for first/last months’ rent, the security deposit, start up costs for utilities, and miscellaneous moving costs. The one thing I absolutely do not want to do is have to pay for storage because I have too much crap. Between that, and my need not to kill myself moving too much crap, I’ve begun taking one small area of my room a day, one day a week, and clearing it all out. Junk goes into the garbage, salvageable things that I don’t need or use regularly get donated. Items in really good or new shape (haven’t run into much of that yet) will either be eBayed or Craigslisted. That’s the plan, Stan.

My first step was the closet: the shelves, not the clothes on the bar. The upper shelves are set up with cubes for easier storage. And, of course, more convenient stashing of clutter. I worked my way through the excess Comfortable Clothing up there, jammies, sweats, old ratty jersey sweaters. How many sets of pajamas does one person need? Even better, I don’t even wear pajama sets anymore, a loose-fitting t-shirt and pajama pants or shorts are as fancy as I get. The cubes are still a little full because I was just getting started and haven’t gotten really ruthless yet, but I’ll come back to it again later.

4 Responses to “Prepping to Move Out: Part I”

  1. E.C. says:

    Take a deep breath, keep working towards finding a new job and preparing to move out, and try to hang on to your sanity. You’ve had a lot of very stressful situations to deal with in the past few months, but it sounds like you are on track to make some changes for the better.

  2. E.C. says:

    Oh, and I, too, have a habit of accumulating pajamas, if only because every Christmas that’s the only thing I can think of when my mom asks what I’d like. 🙂

  3. Sense says:

    Careful that the job doesn’t end (without a new one) before the move happens…landlords like stable incomes.

  4. ~e.c.~ I’m trying to parcel out my sanity over the next several months while I prep everything for the move. I’m allotting myself a certain amount of sanity per month 😛

    ~sense~ Definitely. I’m trying to figure out how to balance the changes, but I have no plans to bail here without a solid cushion of support and a place to go.

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