By: Revanche

Rescue Me

April 7, 2008

Not Starring: Denis Leary.

More than ever, I’m realizing how blessed I am by the generosity of my friends. We all hear people say, “Let me know if you need anything,” knowing that we’re never going to ask them for a helping hand. I know I’ve been guilty of that myself, both in extending vague offers of help with the best of intentions, and accepting the sentiment but never actually taking the gesturers up on it. I’m simply not the girl who waits a knight to ride up on a horse of any color to dramatically save me from my lot in life, and actively discourage any such pretensions from the get-go if I share my “tales of woe.” That’s a pretty big if, since I know that some of my back story easily sounds like a plea for pity or martyr points, and that’s just not the game I play.

It’s a whole different world, however, to have trusted friends who actively enable you to join them and leave your worries behind, or descend upon you as A did to me yesterday, and kidnap you for an entire afternoon of talk and being away from home. Her immediate response to my stressful day was simply beyond price.

A took me to Fuddrucker’s for lunch, my first experience there, and I had an amazing turkey burger with about two inches worth of toppings and condiments. I like my veggies 🙂 If you’ve never been there, they have build-it-yourself stations with fresh lettuce, sliced tomatos, sliced onions, diced tomatos and onions, and pickles. There’s another station with all sorts of condiments: ketchup, BBQ sauce, three or four kinds of mustards, etc. We settled in with our massive burgers and had a good long discussion of how things stand at home, and the short talk I had with PaDucky about my need to leave. He was very accepting of that statement, but I don’t know if that’s because he was taken by surprise and didn’t know how to react, or if he simply understands. I can only hope it’s the latter.

Another friend joined our chat, and we had a chance to mull over some of the decisions I’m going to need to make. This won’t happen overnight, or immediately, but it helps to have sounding boards, and it’s a little comforting to know that my decision isn’t completely crazy.

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