By: Revanche

Selling the truck and trying CarMax: Disappointing Experience

April 14, 2008

With all the recent car troubles, I’ve been slacking off 100% on the sell-the-truck front. (And in the face of our troubled economy, I’ve got a sinking feeling that, perhaps, I’ve waited too long to sell.)

Anyway, since I’ve been pretty overwhelmed with life, I’ve broken it down in wee tiny little steps that even I can handle:

1. Check for Kelley Blue Book price ranges. This involves getting all the information on the truck including current mileage, features, conditions. I also want to set a baseline price in comparison to the KBB price that takes into account the amount still owed, and the amount I’ve been putting in out of my pocket since last July. Check! Done on 4/5.
2. Go to CarMax to see what they’ll offer. This is just in case they actually offer me a decent price and I can skip the trouble of private sales. Check! Done on 4/12.
Since CarMax only offered me $2000 less than my bottom line selling price, I thanked them and walked out of there. It also took two hours to get the appraisal, which was twice as long as I’d been told to expect, so I wasn’t thrilled about that either.
3. Take pictures of the car.
4. Write a description of the car, and post on Craigslist.

I’ve started #4, but was far too lazy to do the photos today. Tsk. Ah well. Baby steps.

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