By: Revanche

Treasury Direct and thwartion

April 30, 2008

If I’d read this post yesterday, and known to fill out Form PD F 5374 yesterday, I could have sent PaDucky to the bank to purchase paper bonds for me. Instead, I banked on getting my Access card in the mail by today, which I miraculously did, and proceeded to input my password incorrectly at the website, and lock myself out of my brand new account.


No savings bonds with a decent interest rate for Ms. Miniducky. Boo.

Called Treasury Direct and left them a message in a futile gesture, hoping that thye really would call me back tonight and that the recording “Please leave your information, the customer service representatives are all busy now but they will call you back.” wasn’t just a cruel cruel tease. Yay.

It wasn’t. Yay.

I missed the call. Boo.

I called back, and they actually picked up! Yay.

I managed to reset the account. Yay.

I started my transaction, and the confirmation page said, “We may have moved your purchase date to the following business day.
May 1, 2008.” Boo!

So, in the end, still nada.

And just to rub a little NaCL in that wound, it turns out you can only convert paper bonds when they send you an invitation to do so!


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