By: Revanche

Update on Treasury Direct Account

April 29, 2008

In a singularly daft move, I sent off my signature authorization form off to Treasury Direct without my SSN. In trying not to advertise my SSN while obtaining the authorization, I forgot to write it in after I returned to my desk, and just blithely sent it off. A nice lady at TD called me two days later to let me know, and I didn’t even question it. I just called back and gave her my SSN.

Now, it’s unlikely that someone would know that I was signing up for an account, know my cell phone number, and time the call so it’d sound entirely plausible that I’d forgotten such a detail, all to steal my SSN, but there’s a very paranoid part of me that thinks, You fool!!

I didn’t even check the TD website for a general contact number to verify that there was indeed a Nice Lady working there who was processing my paperwork.

The nice lady followed up with an email to my private account letting me know that the hold was removed and to expect an Access card soon, though, so I’m probably ok. Really, stupidity does come in threes.

*Note: Rats. I should expect the Access card in ten business days. 🙁 I wonder if I can get to a bank during business hours today or tomorrow ….*

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