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Ahoy, the spending!

May 19, 2008

I officially declare today, Monday, May 19th a ME DAY. [Fun nerd fact: In 1998, May 19th was our D-Day for an AP test. I can’t believe I still remember that.] The bosses owed me a freebie day off (off the books) since they gypped us before our last business trip, and the way those fellas have been acting, I decided I’d better take it before they “forgot” about it. It’d just be too too convenient.

But, before I go on out and play, I’d better get some of this money madness off my mind or I’ll be distracted all day.

Unbudgeted Spending:
Amazon – Friend’s gift – $32
Grocery store – household supplies on sale – $23
Post Office – few sheets of Forever stamps to last a year – $23
Parents’ gas and grocery spending – way too much. ~ $220?

My personal spending doesn’t seem like much, but it’s outside the budget entirely which throws a major kink in the expense account. And I’m still brainstorming about which tailoring jobs I can afford before the end of July because I need some of my nicer clothes to fit me for another business trip. I’m going to need to get even more creative to pay for these expenses without dipping into the mini e-fund, because I’m already doing that for rent. Grr.

Misc Income:
PayPerPost – I’ve not had ANY new opportunities for at least a week or two now. 🙁 Why am I suddenly unqualified? I am getting the payouts from last month’s posts, though, so I can add $33.50 to my fledgling house fund.
Ebates – A check should be coming my way at the end of the quarter.
Chase rewards – I love my cash plus card, with 5% on gas and groceries, I’m already near my next $50 check! That’ll help cover half of the expenses above. At least something reduces the sting of $50/tank of gas!

Regular Income:
It’s just not cutting it. I was able to make do with creative juggling for a while, but I’m going to have to do something drastic to increase my take-home for at least a month or two. There’s a big ole knot in my tummy as I say this, but I’m going to cut out my contributions to the 403(b). I don’t get a match on that anyway, so I won’t be losing free money, and I’ll start up again as soon as I find out what the heck’s going on with my salary come July 1st. It’s time to be an adult about this decision, and not pout about it. (I’m totally pouting.) My biggest fear is that I’ll get comfortable with the “extra” income and not want to start contributing again, much less contributing more at the end of the year to make up the difference. Also, it’s felt like the retirement contributions were the only goals I was meeting this year.

Alright! So I’m off to find a Macy’s because I have a gift card and I’m not afraid to use it if I find my holy grail of bags. And then I’m taking myself to see Ironman. Yeah! (Prepaid ticket.)


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  1. I have had hardly any opportunities from Pay per post lately either. I used to get about $500 a month from them and I am now lucky if I get $80. I have been using other similar sites instead but none are as good as they used to be.

  2. ~rachel~ Wow! I’m impressed that you were making that much. I haven’t even hit your lucky number once yet 🙂 I hope they start offering more soon.

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