By: Revanche

A favorite AT&T perk I’ve missed

May 31, 2008

Without delving into my little cushion of rollover minutes, I’ve been running really close to empty on minutes this month. I’ve been pretty careful about taking or making calls during peak hours the past two weeks, so figured I’d just be getting in under the wire or using a few of those rollover minutes. That’s no big deal, I banked them just in case there were months where extra chattiness cropped up. It turns out that my fond memory of one of AT&T’s policies, counting holidays as a weekend, is alive and well. Monday’s minutes were free!

2 Responses to “A favorite AT&T perk I’ve missed”

  1. I had no clue this was a policy. Wow. Great! I love the rollover minutes.

  2. ~tobb~ I fondly remember getting those free holidays waaay back in college. I thought for sure that it was done for by now.

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