By: Revanche

First house fund deposit!

May 21, 2008

My first payouts were received this weekend, and I’ve transferred $33.50 to my house fund. How exciting! I think I’m going to alternate payments between the travel and house fund, in increments of $100. It was only appropriate that the first payout go towards the house since the travel fund has been established and funded.

I just have to keep creating little bits of income to ‘flake into those accounts. I love the feeling of progress!

2 Responses to “First house fund deposit!”

  1. Sense says:

    That’s a great idea…I am loving the process of snowflaking to build up my NZ savings…it’s so fun to see it grow little by little. I’m up to ~$450 by selling things and adding tiny bits of random income!

  2. ~sense~ I’ve got to say, I was even more motivated to do this because I’ve been watching your NZ savings grow 🙂

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