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Must …. Resist …. Mac’n’Cheese! Avoiding the lunch wallet buster

May 1, 2008

It’s Thursday. Just one more day, and I’ll have made it through the week without buying lunch! Well, there was that roll I bought yesterday to create a sandwich, but that was because I didn’t know PaDucky neglected the carb portion of my meal.

Monday: The larger half of my burrito from Friday. It only made it to Monday because I forgot it here. But it was still delicious! Probably because our mini-fridge is much like a freezer.

Tuesday: PaDucky’d wanted to make my lunch, but assumed that my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s on Monday meant I didn’t want it. Unfortunately, he didn’t ask or tell me, so I got an unpleasant surprise leaving for train this morning that I had no lunch. Grabbed a Jeno’s pizza and had a very junior high-esque lunch.

Wednesday: Got the promised beef’n’onions stir fry with a tupperware of broccoli, but no carbs! Had to pick up a roll, and sliced tomatoes, from the local grill to make a fake tri-tip steak sandwich: $1. Packed up the remaining for next day’s lunch.

Thursday: Brought an enormous container of rice to go with my leftovers from yesterday …. am seriously craving the cafeteria’s macaroni and cheese. Have been craving mac’n’cheese all week, but resisted. I can practically taste it. Resisted limply, resisted on principle, almost broke down based on having spent only a dollar all week, but ultimately resisted.

How to deal? I think I’m going to make some Kraft mac when I get home tonight, and pack it up for tomorrow. It’s nothing like the cafeteria’s hot, fresh, gooey, crusty cheese completely smothering penne pasta, but it’s in the pantry, and it’ll keep me from spending $2.17 on a side order.

I have no idea why I’ve decided to make a stand on this particular issue, right now, but hey. Gas prices being what they are, I might as well save whatever I can, whenever I can.

2 Responses to “Must …. Resist …. Mac’n’Cheese! Avoiding the lunch wallet buster”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    mac & cheese is delicious!

  2. Oh boy, you’re tellin’ me! I’ve developed an unnatural craving for it.

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