By: Revanche

Out and about … sort of

May 25, 2008

Am in the Bay Area this weekend, and waiting for BD to finish some weekend work. Apparently there was a last minute meeting scheduled for which his work/input was requested, so instead of having breakfast together and walking around in the mucky weather, I’m blogging and he’s working.

I don’t mind entertaining myself, it’s nice to get a little me time in as well, and it’s really gross and cold outside anyway. We usually take at least one good long walk, but I’m sort of unmotivated. 🙂

I’m hoping that he’ll help me take some pictures of the outfit I fixed up so I can post them later this week.

In financial news, I’m calling up my cable company and find out when my contract expires, so I can cancel it. Since I’ve reverted to some drastic measures to improve cash flow, I’m not averse to cutting expenses too.

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