By: Revanche

Pending payments and reductions laundry list

May 6, 2008

1. Ebates: $17, due end of the quarter
2. Office Reimbursements: $376, grrr…..due a month ago
3. Pay Per Post: $38, due 30 days from post

1. In the next chapter of Mom’s declining health, she’s consented to be removed from the car insurance because she can’t drive anymore.

1. Got our local waste company to confirm that they stopped billing me for an extra barrel on 3/31.
2. I’ve got the truck posted on Craigslist *finally.* Way to wait for the recession to really kick in before putting it up for sale. *eyeroll*

Left to do:
1. My car charger‘s still not arrived yet, so I need to follow up with the company.
2. Follow up with City billing to make sure they haven’t been billing me for an extra waste barrel since 3/31.


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