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Taking the initiative?

May 10, 2008


I’ve been needing to call the insurance company to deal with the removal of my mom from the insurance. I knew it’d be a bit more complicated than taking my brother off because MaDucky’s actually the policyholder, so I’d been dragging my heels a bit. Also because I wanted to compare rates with other companies while I was at it.

Instead of the usual, “So, you know how we agreed to take your mom off the insurance? Have you done it yet?” conversation, PaDucky actually told me that he’d spoken to the insurance agent and had gotten a couple quotes for the new insurance, and made some inquiries about how much we’d save when the truck comes off the insurance.

Holy … cow …

He’s NEVER handled any of our paperwork. Never. He ferries the tax documents every year, but that’s because he’s had a working relationship with the accountant for more than ten years, and it’s best for him to go chat with the guy. But bills? Rent? Medical records? Banking? Nope. Nope. No and no. He won’t even go to the bank! I’m glad, but still mostly in shock.

Something’s finally pushed him to take the initiative to do something more around here, and I’m sorry it had to be MaDucky’s complete deterioration of health.

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  1. Sense says:

    Oof, sorry that poor health is the reason to change things up, insurance-wise. that’s tough.

    But it’s good that he’s standing up when the chips are down, so to speak. I hope at least a tiny bit of the pressure is taken off of your shoulders in the coming months–that’ll make it easier to live on your own, as well!

    Is it hard to relinquish control of some of the finance aspects, though? I’d imagine that I’d get worried that he wouldn’t get the ‘best deal’ or would miss something.

  2. ~sense~ It’s apparently the wake-up call that both he and my brother needed. I can’t say that my brother is actually being responsible now, but there are some waves in that direction.

    You caught me. Yes, it is difficult because my first instinct was to look at the quotes he emailed me, and think, we need to comparison shop. I spent a couple hours working up quotes with other companies, and got a quote from Geico for almost $200 less than the existing insurance’s quote, for the same coverage.

    I think that it’ll be a process to learn to let go.

  3. Matt says:

    Adversity often forces us to get off our butts and actually do something. Too bad its for an unhappy reason; at least he’s doing something rather than wallowing.

  4. ~matt~ True. I can’t say that the motivation makes me happy, but at least there’s movement now. Perhaps now he’ll stay in motion.

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