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Took my first Mental Health Day!

May 22, 2008

As part of my All-About-Me day earlier this week, I took myself to see Iron Man! (Is that very strange sentence construction? I felt like I took myself on a date, so that’s how I’m phrasing it.) I’m usually very skeptical of comic movies because I’m convinced that they’re going to ruin the story, but I really enjoyed the movie. Robert Downey, Jr., surprised me, pleasantly, as did the dialogue. Yes, they did take some liberties with his history for the sake of building the storyline, but in the context of the movie, it worked.

Other than driving way too much, I spent very little all day. I ate a light breakfast at home, went to a different mall to find my bag but didn’t, and watched a movie using my cheap AMC pass from months ago.

I spent some time browsing stores at another mall while waiting for my Genius Bar appointment, browsing at Borders, and searching futilely for a Nine West so I could do something about my broken flats. No luck on the Nine West, but I did get my iPhone replaced.

Made another grocery run, picked up oh-so-healthy Jeno’s pizzas, and some fruit for my lunches this week. They also had sharp cheddar cheese and multi-grain bread on sale, plus with peel-off coupons, so I ended up spending $19 on groceries. The Jeno’s pizzas are a complete guilty pleasure, but at 69 cents a pop, I’m not feeling TOO guilty.

As my head hit the pillow late that night, I found myself thinking, “That was awfully nice … I really need to do that more often.”

3 Responses to “Took my first Mental Health Day!”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    I’m glad that you had a nice mental health day! 🙂 I need to schedule a me day. I have quite a few of them…Sundays….

  2. Matt says:

    Its nice to take the day off and not worry about all of the silly things that fill up our day (even if they’re not silly). I’ve taken a few in my time and surprisingly they often involved a round of golf in the middle of the day during the week – nice quiet serene and empty!

    I liked Iron Man as well, Robert Downey Jr did himself some credit.

  3. ~savingdiva~ Thanks! It was weird taking an actual day off, but ’twas awful nice!

    ~matt~ I’ve got friends who advocate the mid-day golfing, it does sound rather nice. Uh, but I’m really bad at golf! 🙂

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