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3000 bonus TY points for a mere pittance

June 6, 2008

I’d forgotten about this little random perk. Citi sent me a promotion for 3,000 bonus points for a single purchase between March 1st through 31st. They didn’t specify a minimum purchase which was great because I normally I don’t use the card they were running the promotion on. It only gives me 1% back, and I want at least 2% on all my purchases. Fortuitously for me, less so for them, I had to make a trip to the post office the night before the postage prices went up. As it was a Sunday, I hadto use the electronic postage machine to purchase make-up stamps. That helped cut my guilt factor for using a credit card to purchase a single 3 cent stamp; I did need it to make up the postage on an old 39 cent stamp I’d dug up.

The statement came in today, and apparently my piddly little purchase qualified as a single purchase. Cha-ching 3000 points!

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  1. ~savingdiva~ Another GC, here I come!

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