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AMC theatre + iPhone = Fuki Sushi

June 4, 2008

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BD and I are on a kick to see how useful iPhone can be. We’ve mainly been using the GoogleMaps function together, and a bit of the Safari browser on the side. I use the heck out of the email function now that it works most of the time, but that’s not useful when we’re hanging out.

I’ve found that there are a couple sites, like Citysearch and Amazon, that offer a special version of their site for the iPhone which would be special but they actually seem like dumbed down versions. Actual Citysearch on the web shows price ranges (very important!), location, ratings, reviews and sometimes, hours of operation. iPhone Citysearch locates restaurants and gives an address. That’s it.

On this particular quest, we were trying to coordinate dinner and a movie in the same city. Since we primarily have AMC tickets, we needed to stay close to an AMC theatre, but we weren’t familiar enough with the area to pick a restaurant. Between Garmin, random suggestions (Indian? Yeah, Indian sounds good. I’ve found ten restaurants, how do we pick? Uh, Japanese sounds good….sorry. Oooh, Japanese? That sounds even better! Ok, let’s find a sushi restaurant!), and iPhone Citysearch, I found Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto was a highly rated restaurant five years running. iPhone Citysearch wouldn’t tell me anything else more useful like how much we could expect to pay, and the reviews I’d Googled sounded both promising (palate) and intimidating (wallet).

We decided to give it a shot even though not knowing what the price range could be made us both nervous.

The menu was remarkably extensive: pages upon pages of appetizers, a la carte items, noodle dishes, rice/dinner combinations, sushi/sashimi combinations. I think we might have spent nearly as much time putting together the perfect order (portions, proportions of raw fish to cooked items, total cost) as we did eating the meal. We have a thing about overordering, at least when BD’s in charge, so we’ve developed a menu conversation where we try to balance it perfectly to have a reasonable amount of leftovers, if any.

Our appetizer, the spicy agedashi tofu, was heavenly. Perfection. The garlic and spices that made it spicy were completely worth the sniffles and watering eyes. Absolute heaven. I didn’t even want to move on to the next dish, it was so good. (Disclaimer: I love love love tofu and garlic, so if you’re not of the same mind, you might not be quite as enamored of this dish as I was. But I highly recommend it if you even lukewarm like tofu and garlic.)

We shared two pieces of hamachi (yellowtail), two pieces of madai (red snapper), a kani roll (snow crab meat) and an assorted tempura dinner that included a generous stack of shrimp and vegetable tempura, a generous serving of rice, and four additional pieces of sashimi. Mmmm.. I’m getting hungry again thinking about it. The fish was cold, not so cold that you couldn’t taste it, but just cold enough to accentuate the freshness. I always wonder how someone can have texture issues like I do and be ok with eating raw fish, but it never stops me.

The bill was just under $50 for the both of us, including a nice tip. I liked our server, she didn’t bother us during the meal but took care of each stage efficiently so we never had to look for her.

I felt like our meal was definitely a splurge since we weren’t celebrating any sort of occasion, but the experience was lovely and I look forward to returning to try the million other menu items that we had to pass on. Usually I get annoyed by a menu that’s too extensive, but this one was intriguing.

2 Responses to “AMC theatre + iPhone = Fuki Sushi”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    It sounds like an awesome dinner…too bad I don’t have an iPhone. I have the free phone sprint gives away! 🙂

  2. ~savingdiva~ The truuuuly frugal side of me would have gone for In’n’out if we didn’t have the iPhone, but I like to think Fuki Sushi was more healthy.

    I sure hope I can go back to free phones when my time with the iPhone is over 🙂

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