By: Revanche

Best. Lunch. Ever.

June 27, 2008

One tomato and cucumber, each sliced.
A handful of chicken breast, sliced.
A handful of pork with a smidgen of onions, sliced.
Orowheat whole wheat bread.

Combine all ingredients in layers on the bread, smush together, and it makes the best sandwich. EVER. I was quite sad when I finished eating because it was so delicious! I wished that I’d taken a picture, too, but that might have seemed a little weird.

And a coworker went on an ice cream run, and brought back a veritable smorgasbord of ice creams: Strawberry Shortcake bar, Raspberry sorbet bar, Drumstick, almond and chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bar, and Dibs! I, of course, went for the Dibs. They were tiny morsels of deliciousness.

Happy Friday everyone!

2 Responses to “Best. Lunch. Ever.”

  1. I’d add avocado to that because I’m a fiend for it but it sounds tasty

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Sadly, I’m averse to mushy foods, so I usually donate my avocado to someone who loves it more. 🙂

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