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Booking airfare

June 6, 2008

Boy oh boy, every time I think I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to airfare, I make another mistake.

I spent a couple hours working out an elaborate plan to trade award credits with BD last night. I have SW award credits, he has a free round-trip ticket on United. He needed an open jaw flight, and his free ticket doesn’t allow multi-city travel. Southwest didn’t have the travel dates I wanted open for Standard awards.

We checked: I could find a flight on United, could redeem a one way ticket for half of his travel on SW, and buy a one way ticket on United for $87. I did my usual scope out on Travelocity first, and then went to the United site to actually pin down the cheaper fee-free price. $87 for a multi-city trip, for almost exactly the itinerary he wanted. So what do we do? I let him promise that he’d buy the ticket today, and let it go at that.

He sure didn’t buy it, and overnight, the ticket went up to $110. ARGH! I knew I should have snagged that sucker, or at least reserved it last night! I know prices can go up at any time, look at the dratted gas prices skyrocketing twenty cents in 5 days, for heaven’s sake!

Of course, the irrational response was then to refuse to buy it because it was $23 more. Completely irrational? Yep! But the price isn’t going to be any less if we wait even longer. *sigh* So the trip’s going to be over $100 instead of under $100. There’s something depressing about spending just over the $100 mark.

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  1. He took a risk and that didn’t pay off.. alternatively you could be like me, booking a flight and then realizing the prices are MUCH CHEAPER NOW than before.. like $200 cheaper


  2. ~FB~ I know, I just felt guilty because you can reserve flights for 24 hours with United, and I should have done that. Boo.

    Ugh, sorry about your flight, though.

  3. Chocoholic says:

    I’ve heard you can try deleting your cookies on your computer. Sometimes places show you the price, then, if you don’t buy, the next time you go there it shows a higher price. Maybe you already bought it but somethign to think of in the future.

  4. ~chocoholic~ We’ve already bought this ticket, but that’s definitely good advice.

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