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Florence Duckygale: musings

June 9, 2008

Yesterday was full of taking care of people. Visited my friend and his dad for a couple hours, visited a girlfriend who has been experiencing chest pains, ran errands for BD so he could get out of town on time.
Later, my girlfriend called: she was so stressed and anxious that her pain had gotten worse and she couldn’t breathe. I went over armed with some meds, gave her a massage and head rub and sat up with her until she could sleep. Soooo glad that I didn’t have to work today.

I’m grateful that I have access to decent medical care, and a doctor who takes the time to discuss all aspects of my life to see how it affects my disease. If I couldn’t manage my own health, I would not have been able to spend time caring for friends in need.

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  1. sabrina says:

    Chest pains? Couldn’t breathe?

    Maybe it was just stress, but with those symptoms, I’d have taken her to her physician or the ER. Women–especially young ones–often discount the possibility of cardiac problems, but an internist would want your friend to see a cardiologist for a stress test, at the very least. And breathing problems can’t be ignored.

  2. ~sabrina~ That was my first concern, but she’d been examined and was diagnosed with a swollen lung. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but she’s scheduled to go back tomorrow. She’s noticeably better during the days, it’s just at nights that the pain/pressure increases.

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