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Great deal on moisturizer at Longs

June 9, 2008

My go-to cosmetic routine consists of Oil of Olay’s 4 oz bottles of facial lotion with SPF 15 and some Vaseline for my lips, or any other lip balm if I leave the house without moisturizing. This weekend, BD went on a drugstore run, and my lotion had expired a few months ago, so I asked him to pick up another bottle for me. I almost yelled: “Don’t pay more than $6!” but I just figured that he knows me well enough not to need that extra nag.

He sure made me proud: Longs Drugs had Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renewal Moisturizer (2.5 oz) for 30% off, which brought the total to $9.44. Then there’s a $6 rebate on top of that, bringing the total to $3.44!

I believe the deal’s good for two more days, or at least the sale is (6/12). The rebate is good until July 3rd.

I’ve never used this lotion before, but I’m sure it’s fine. It smells like every Fructis product, yummy!

2 Responses to “Great deal on moisturizer at Longs”

  1. SavingDiva says:

    I’m impressed! My boyfriend would probably purchase $1 body lotion for me to use as a facial lotion! 🙂

  2. ~savingdiva~ I know, isn’t it? I’m proud of him, he’s completely laidback about helping with or taking the initiative on girl errands. He even knows that there’s a big difference between facial sunscreen and body sunscreen, but that’s because he’s outdoorsy.

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