By: Revanche

O blessed breeze

June 23, 2008

If anyone in the Southern California area didn’t have the news on, they probably still realized that it was hot-hot-HOT this weekend.

The news reported on the heat every five minutes: Boy it’s hot out there. Let’s go out to so-and-so at [the beach, the beach or the beach] and report on exactly HOW hot it was. They’d throw a few international travelers on, who all say, of course, they’re here for the CA sun so they love the 104-107 degree weather, and then back to the studio to talk about how hot it still was.

That got old really quickly.

A couple nights ago, it was in the nineties at midnight. Tonight? There’s a coolness in the air I haven’t felt since I stood in front of the air conditioning unit at work. Since I was at a friend’s house, friendsitting all weekend, and basking in their 68 degree, air conditioned house. Since two weeks ago, before this insane heat wave.

Thank you, weather, for finally giving us a break from the constant, stifling heat.

We managed to survive without turning on the a/c once. Thank heavens, because the bills are already cripplingly high.

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