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Sick day

June 9, 2008

I’m two thirds of the way through my triathlon of appointments today: dentist, doctor and doctor.

Surprisingly, my dentist did not charge me a copay. In years past, I always had to pay fifty dollars worth of copay a year out of pocket. This time, they just had me sign paperwork stating that I was ok with their billing the insurance directly and receiving the payment that would normally come to me. I’m not sure if that means that my insurance has gotten better, the dentist has better billing relationships with the insurance or if they were just ripping me off all those years!

Anyway, I’ll probably call the insurance when I get home to see if my coverage has changed.
My second appt didn’t charge a copay either, so I should only be making small inroads into my FSA today.
More for my other uses!

2 Responses to “Sick day”

  1. sabrina says:

    Another possibility: your dentist may not have been participating previously in the dental plan covered by your insurance; as a nonparticipant, he may have been able to collect only, say, 80% from the insurance company and he would bill you for the balance. If he recently became a fully participating member, you would now be covered 100%.

  2. ~sabrina~ Ohh, that might be. I saw that they had a little sign saying “participating dentist” with my insurance listed on it at today’s visit.

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