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Southwest Airline promotion: spending money now to save later?

June 9, 2008

Southwest is running a promotion for a $25 discount when you purchase a $100 southwest gift card.

There are a handful of restrictions, so I would be very careful when deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Purchase dates (for the gift card): June 1st-30th (still have time.)
Requirement: must use Visa. It can be any cobrand as long as it’s US-issued. (Great, I carry one Visa and one Mastercard at all times. It’s not my preferred points rewards card, but it’s still a rewards card.)
Limit: one per Visa cardmember and/or e-mail address. Visa cardmember will earn one $25 fare discount on a $100 or more single card transaction. Shipping and handling fees do not qualify towards the total transaction amount. The $25 fare discount will be sent via e-mail to the Visa cardmember’s account. A valid e-mail address is required to receive the discount. Allow four weeks after the conclusion of the promotion to receive the discount. (Wait, shipping and handling? Just pop the thing into an envelope and throw it in the mail! 42 cents! And BD and I can each buy one, if I have need of two round trip tickets in the near future.)

Discount Valid: Purchase must be made between July 1, 2008 and August 30, 2008 for travel August 18, 2008 through November 19, 2008.
This promotion does not include Business Select, Anytime, or Senior Fares. (
Does that mean it’s only good for the Wanna Get Away fares?)

Despite the numerous caveats, I think that I will pick one up because as I look at upcoming travel, I was unexpectedly invited to a wedding in August, and have got a sporting event to attend in October. It’s only good for the event in October, and I’m looking at paying $100 for $125 purchasing power. As long as the flight prices hold until July 1st, or whenever I get that discount, I’ll be able to purchase a $149 ticket for $75 now, and an additional $24 later. Not bad, I say!

2 Responses to “Southwest Airline promotion: spending money now to save later?”

  1. This would be such a great deal if I had a Visa card. I discovered I don’t have any Visa cards – all Master/AMEX. Why the Visa limit? That’s so lame.

  2. ~sf money musings~ It is a great deal. If I didn’t have my Chase Visa, I’d considering resorting to my bank card which is Visa branded. Is that an option?

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