By: Revanche

Temper, temper

June 24, 2008

That wasn’t the best display I’ve ever made. The coworkers were all chattering, and I with them, about twenty minutes ago as I had a snack, and all was fine.

I went back to grab something as I’d delved deep into my work, and needed something from the other room, and found them deep into yet another animated conversation. This after the secretary couldn’t be bothered to get off her personal call to answer the dang phone that was also another personal call for her. They were still laughing and talking, despite knowing they had tasks that were due immediately.

They greeted me excitedly, “Revanche! Look!” as they went to show me something on the computer and my stress of being on deadline for three major projects, simultaneously, snapped. I started to ask, “what?” but found myself going straight into “Is NO ONE else on deadline? Is it JUST ME??” Then walked out.


2 Responses to “Temper, temper”

  1. Honey you gotta leave

    This can’t be good for your health – if the stress of having to deal with incompetents makes you angry as much as it does me, you’ll end up quietly fuming and snapping lol

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Or not so quietly …. *blush*

    It’s less an incompetence issue because, for the most part, I trained them myself. It’s motivation. I used to be the star player but after all the politics and negativity of the past several months, either no one cares anymore or they don’t have to because they’re a new “favorite.”

    I used to make them care, but can’t do that if I’m just being treated like dirt, where would I get the motivation?

    Sooooo …. new job express??

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