By: Revanche

Temporary Injunction

June 15, 2008

Due to a possible compromise/penetration of my cover by an untrustworthy soul, I’ve had to block public access to the blog.

I’m undergoing an identity cleanse and hope to be back up and running within 24 hours. I can still be reached at this name @ for now, but I’m going to have to make as clean a break as possible with regards to pseudonym and address. Thanks for helping me preserve my anonymity, I would hate to have to delete this blog or stop blogging entirely because of this.

I’m still trying to figure out how to reach regular readers, or irregular readers, whose email addresses I don’t have, without publicly stating that Ms.M has become such and such a blogger, and making it easy for my privacy-invader to trace me to the new blog.

Edit: I’m specifically thinking of Chocoholic, Karen, Beautiful, and a few others who comment every so often but don’t have profiles, comments enabled on their blogs, or blogs at all so that I can contact them.

14 Responses to “Temporary Injunction”

  1. Oh no! That stinks, I hope you work it all out.

    I’ll follow you to any new site you create, I like your posts.

    -L (and R)

  2. Matt says:

    That really sucks – I hope everything works out; I too will be following you to a new site.

  3. MoneyDummy says:

    Man, that’s rotten! Can you say what happened?

    I’m glad you invited me. Thanks!

  4. ~spillingbuckets~ Thanks for the support, and I appreciate your reading!

    ~matt~ Thanks, hoping to get it taken care of SOON.

    ~moneydummy~ It IS! Especially after my idle observation the other day about better protecting my identity. In short: someone I don’t trust and has been sabotaging me asked to borrow my phone yesterday to call AT&T. Ostensibly, her phone didn’t work. I was suspicious last night, based on what I know she’s been doing, but haven’t been able to call her out on her actions because they’ve all been underhanded, behind my back, and nearly unprovable.

    I dialed 611 for her, and she walked out of the room with my phone, supposedly to go troubleshoot. The call logs this morning online and in AT&T’s records show that no such call was made from my phone. So, she had my phone, and access to my emails which included my blog email address, and some comments from the blog. *sigh* I had just added that email in the last few days, too, so my first action ought to be have been deleting the email addresses entirely from the phone before letting her borrow it. I just didn’t think she’d walk away with it.

    I can’t prove that she’s found this, or tried to find it, but what else would she have been doing with my phone for 20 minutes if not making any calls? And I simply can’t take the risk of assuming otherwise, she’s definitely the type to broadcast this far and wide to everyone that I wouldn’t want seeing it.

  5. Sorry to hear this! 🙁 That is so awful? Who does that?

    Good luck getting the new setup. It is unfortunate that some readers you may never reach, but it is more important to protect yourself!

  6. All you can hope is that those readers email you – do they know your email addy at least?

  7. 1001 Petals says:

    Thank you for including me. Sorry to hear of this trouble 🙁

  8. Revanche says:

    ~stackingpennies~ 🙁 I know. I think we’re all set up now, and I sure hope I find my old readers!

    ~FB~ Unfortunately, I never enabled my email address on the old URL because I was a little paranoid about having that posted ….

    ~1001 petals~ Thanks, glad you got the email.

  9. Oooo!!! I managed to get this new blog to feed 🙂

    😀 😀

  10. Revanche says:

    ~FB~ Yay! How’d you do it? I was messing with Feedburner trying to figure out how to fix it …

  11. I’m sorry to hear about a possible breach of your identity! I’ve bookmarked your new site and will follow you here. Good luck!

    Btw, Thanks for the tip on the SW $25 gift card with Visa purchase thing. I found a Visa card and am mulling over buying a ticket.

  12. Revanche says:

    sfmoneymusings: That’s great, I hope the deal works out for you! I need to get on that before the ticket prices go up and negate the savings.

  13. Karen says:

    Hey! There you are! I thought you got hacked and hoping you’d back ‘over there’.

  14. Revanche says:

    karen: So glad you found me! I noticed that a page of semi-recent posts were still searchable under the old name and that has tacky ads inserted 🙁

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