By: Revanche

Bit of a disappointment, Martin+Osa

July 22, 2008

I complained too soon. It was really just the tracking information page that was pathetic, because my package was delivered yesterday while I was at work.

Sadly, the contents were not all I’d hoped they would be.

The ruched scoopneck tee was a really soft, durable seeming material until I looked closer at it. The ruching was evident on the outside of the shirt: you could see gobs of thread at each of the gathers. When I looked more closely, the fabric near the gathers was stretched and in one spot, had a hole in it! A light experimental tug was all it took for the fabric to give. Definitely not high quality, definitely not a keeper.

The white button down was nicer in that it wasn’t ready to tear, but the construction was just a little too boxy. I often have this problem with shirts where there’s too much material under the arms and I look like I have a fabric-membrane set of flying squirrel wings. But on a shirt. Also, since it’s white, it’s quite a bit more see-through than I like. I’m undecided on this one because a seamstress could easily fix up the squirrel wings, but I’m not sure I like it quite enough.

All in all, I was a little disappointed in this ordering experience. After all, these shirts retailed for $34. Just because I got them at a discount shouldn’t, and wouldn’t, change their quality so that means they’re selling pretty shoddy, insome cases, overpriced clothing under guise of a schmancy name. If you could believe it, the receipt came sealed in a thick dark blue/metallic silver envelope made of nearly cardstock with a silver embossed logo. Their clothes were presented wrapped in a generous sheaf of tissue paper. If only the products matched the presentation and implied quality, I’d be much more impressed. Posh on the outside, poor on the inside. Hah, reminds me of Moneymonk’s empty castle, full cabin!

3 Responses to “Bit of a disappointment, Martin+Osa”

  1. At least returns are free, though not that convenient.

    Online reviews of the store were positive, though maybe others are impressed by the branding and ignored any quality issues. I sometimes find the same thing with Banana Republic–the brand is reputable, prices are a bit high, but some of their clothes aren’t really high quality (some are, but you still have to be aware)

    I didn’t like the cut of the button up I got much either, but I’m really picky about button ups and rarely like them.

  2. What I find really strange is that I shop at their kid store, American Eagle, and find the quality is really quite high.

    If you’re not 100% in love with the shirts, return them! That money can be better spent on other (nicer) things!

  3. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: Yes, I’m very glad of the free returns, I’ve got the package resealed and ready to go out in the mail!

    Agreed about being picky about button-ups, they have to fit just so.

    paranoidasteroid: I didn’t realize that AE was owned by the same company, but I have gotten a few things there that are great and for great deals, too. In fact, I have a GC for AE so I’ll be returning these shirts and trying AE’s clearance racks again!

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