By: Revanche

Five days until D-Day

July 18, 2008

On Wednesday I’m getting out of Dodge and spending 3.5 glorious days at Comic-Con. Then we follow up with a less glorious four days on a business trip to the East Coast. Two of the four are travel days, so we won’t have any leisure time. They don’t believe in LT anyway, so we’re not really missing out.

So why am I not packed yet?? ’cause. Just ’cause I’ve been lazy and thinking about it everyday so that sort of counted. I did get my suit dry-cleaned, so that’s ready to go, and I wrote up my packing list last night so FB’s post on Packing for Business Trips is right on time! Now I can compare my list to her guide. I’m usually quite good at packing lightly, but it’s always a challenge to pack better each time.

Current List:
1 business suit, black
1 3/4 sleeve light blazer, black
1 knee-length skirt, black
2 shirts, red/brn and white
3 dinner dresses: black, black and white, and 1 undecided
1 pair dark red strappy heels

Enough underwear
1 pair jeans and 2 tops for travel days
Toothbrush, toothpaste, facial lotion, lip balm
1 pair hoop earrings
1 paperback or three comic books
1 iPhone, wallet, planner
Laptop and charger

I would normally consider just wearing the suit to both days of meetings but it’s going to be hot and muggy there, and I’m only willing to make concessions to business formality the first day. Also, I’m bringing an actual suitcase, albeit small, because I don’t want to stuff my newly dry-cleaned suit in a duffel bag. Bad form, that. Lastly, I’m actually hoping to bring only one pair of shoes for the entire trip, that and a pair of flipflops for getting around my hotel.

I think I’m set for that trip!

Now for the Comic-Con packing ……

2 Responses to “Five days until D-Day”

  1. Your list sounds quite good

    If you need to cut down, you can probably chop a dress off, and use one of your business tops as a casual top, but it sounds like it’s all under control.

    GREAT job 😀

  2. Revanche says:

    FB: Thanks! I actually put it all in my suitcase yesterday, and it’s pretty empty. I’m trying to decide if I could transport my suit in a duffel without completely wrinkling it because I just don’t have enough to fill the suitcase 🙂

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