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How many suits does one person need?

July 11, 2008

FB’s post on her list of shopping wants and Penny’s post on buying a new suit restoked my internal suit debate. (Thanks to Paranoid Asteroid for the link to Penny!)

Just last night, the black pinstriped suit came out of the dress bag so that I’ll remember to drop it off for dry cleaning this Saturday.

It struck me that I’ve been wearing this suit since …. October 2005. I’ve worn it to 2-4 professional meetings a year, where I usually see at least some of the same people. Obviously, my colleagues are usually the same. I’ve supplemented with nice, basic skirts and blazers. I’ve got three basic black skirts, one black 3/4 sleeve less structured jacket that passes for a blazer, and a brown checked blazer.

I usually rotate several tops through to make various combinations of business dress.

The real question is: at what point does it become just plain tacky that I don’t have another suit in the rotation?

Yes, new suit!: It’s been four years. Enough already.

No new suit: I’m the mouse that wants more than just a cookie. If I get another suit, wouldn’t it make sense to have a third? Most of our events require three days’ worth of business wear. Oh wait, I’m trying to leave this job.

Yes, new suit!: I’m trying to find a better environment. Need an interview suit.

No new suit: $400. (or $800. For two suits. 😛 )

Since we’re evenly tied at this point, I’m considering a minor amendment to the PPP money flow. After every $200 cycle, $50 will be diverted to a suit fund. That’s only going to take forever, though, and I’m hearing rumblings that lead me to believe I’m going to need an interview suit in the next three months, not three years.

I have got to stop thinking about clothes today!

4 Responses to “How many suits does one person need?”

  1. I think as long as your original suit is dark and similar to what others wear, you don’t really need a new one since you only wear it a few times a year, especially since you can wear a different shirt inside.

    When the time comes, I would recommend getting a suit at Ann Taylor (if their clothes fit you well). Very classic and good quality. They have this black material that they use almost every season in their suits. That way in the future if you want to get new pants, a skirt, or a new jacket, you don’t necessarily need to buy a completely new suit.

    I have about 5 suits, and I end up wearing a suit probably 30-40 times a year . . . .I probably have too many suits! There one in there that I don’t like the jacket, but I like the pants.

  2. I have 3 suits (heather grey and pinstripe white and black) left, and I don’t wear any of them except for them as separates
    But never together… not for my line of work

    I think if it’s dark and similar, you won’t need another suit!!!

    But if you really truly want another one in rotation, do that suit fund thing to mull over it some more

  3. Karen says:

    I have probably 7 suits but my company is business professional if you have a full on office job, which I did (now my job is business casual…and I had to buy more clothes to support that. I have had to buy a lot of clothing/ accouterments for this company!)
    Anywho, I tend to buy my suits on sale and at Macy’s and Dillard’s. I don’t bother with the individual pieces suits and instead get the ones that are sold together. I hate to spend $400 on a suit and then alterations and dry cleaning.

  4. Revanche says:

    calgirlfinance: I’ve discovered that some Ann Taylor 00P fits me well, so I’m pretty excited about that idea.

    I don’t wear my suit nearly so many times as you do, and I have no idea if the next job will require much suit wearing, but AT will be my destination, I think.

    FB: I’ll start the suit fund for now, and just keep an eye out. I honestly don’t want to have more stuff, I just don’t want to get all tacky.

    karen: I have trouble matching as it is, I definitely won’t be looking at individual suit pieces. My one suit was from Macy’s, but it was so hard to find one that was close enough to my size so that you couldn’t make two suits out of the one.

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