By: Revanche

My first Toastmasters meeting (as a guest)

July 14, 2008

After a few unanswered emails inquiring about the local Toastmasters meetings, I was advised to just go.

Ugh. Really? I have a thing about showing up to events uninvited, unexpected, and uncomfortable. It’s part of my whole thing about talking to people I don’t know.

My friend said “grow a spine, and just go.” With that encouraging push, I screwed up the courage, and drove myself over to the restaurant where I was directed to the back room.

Oy. I dragged my feet a bit, and came home feeling emotionally exhausted from the likely misplaced nervosity, but I’m glad I went. If only so I could come back and tell you that I did grow a spine and went!

They threatened to make me participate in the Table Topics, and gently ribbed me when I said that I couldn’t guarantee that I would not pass out if forced to speak at my very first meeting, and generally welcomed me to observe and explained each part of the meeting so I wouldn’t be too lost. Apparently it was a smaller than usual gathering, which was really nice for my first visit. I’m going to visit their meeting again in a few weeks, as well as some Wednesday night meetings to get a feel for the different clubs and find the one that fits me best.

So far, so good.

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