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Saving $40 a month on cable

July 9, 2008

My cable rate was up to $40/month for the past 6 months. When averaged against the other 12 months of the 18 month contract, it wasn’t a terrible price but then again, 18 months ago, I envisioned that I would be in a very different financial position.

Knowing that, I decided to cancel the cable service as soon as it was up. It’s not like I even know how to work our television anymore, anyway, so no great loss to me. On the phone with Dish Network, the CSR started asking me a couple of questions about why I was canceling and I took a minute to explain that I don’t spend that much time watching tv (er, none?) and that I wasn’t very pleased with the service quality.

He offered me a service with about ten channels for $10/month, and I was about to thank him and decline when he said, “for free for six months. Try it, and if you like it, it’ll only be ten dollars a month after that.”
Uh…. six months? Free?
Yes. Yes, six months free with some of my favorite channels (Food Network, History Channel, Discovery Channel) and he’s waiving the $5 local channels fee that I was protesting many moons ago. For life. He waived the local channel fee for life. Hum.

So, free cable for six months. Ok, why not?

Since we’re only a few days into the current billing cycle, he’ll apply it to this one, which means I can cross a $40 bill off my list of bills for the month.

And I might want to figure out how to work the durned tv.

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