By: Revanche

*sigh* I miss T-mobile

July 25, 2008

Aside from not ever having a possessed phone when I was their customer, their service just seems to get more and more excellent. My parents have a T-Mobile family plan and I just called to change the family plan to a cheaper package with 700 minutes instead of 1000.

One, they offer a callback service. Instead of making you wait on hold, they ask for your name and number, and they call you right back, if you prefer.

Two, the CSR didn’t go through any rigamarole when I inquired about the minute usage and told her about my intention to change plans: she immediately offered the plan I knew would fit best, noting that there was one other option but that it wouldn’t save as much money.

Three, she quickly backdated the change of plans so that it would take effect for the current billing cycle rather than having to wait until the next one, saving me $10 for this bill effective immediately.

Four, she also corrected the contract dates from the botched up replacement phone fiasco where my mom had insisted to ordering phones that I couldn’t afford, without waiting for me to help select phones they could use. Those phones were sent back a few months ago, but I’d never called to make sure they’d made any necessary corrections to the contract dates. All fixed!

Five, she gave me all the information she had on the T-Mobile Home Service (I asked), and offered to get me to the folks who had more information if I wanted it.

And all of the above was completed in five minutes. I LOVE T-mobile’s customer service.

2 Responses to “*sigh* I miss T-mobile”

  1. Karen says:

    I have T-Mobile and they’re pretty good. Except I hate that they say thanks for being a loyal customer for 8 years and then when I wanted free shipping on a new phone, they wouldn’t do it. I’m still bitter. 😛

  2. Revanche says:

    karen: I’m sorry to hear that, they’re usually so good about accommodating long time customers with fees/applying rebates instantly, etc.

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