By: Revanche

Cash flows

August 19, 2008

right out of my wallet!

I have a couple $20 reimbursements from my dad that I needed to take to the bank. Instead …
– $10, to reimburse my coworker who covered me for an unexpected office farewell lunch last week (yes, we get to pay for our own now. Joy.)
– $3.79, yesterday’s tuna salad sandwich because I haven’t gone grocery shopping for 2.5 weeks.
– $3.79, today’s sandwich … didn’t go grocery shopping yesterday either.
Total: 17.98

I have GOT to get that cash into the bank before I spend it all on lunches!

3 Responses to “Cash flows”

  1. Matt says:

    I’ve been bad this week too – but if I only spent $4 on lunch I wouldn’t be as concerned. Good luck hitting the grocery store!! Now if your lunch is so cheap when you buy it at the office/work how cheap is your lunch when you get it at the grocery store?

  2. Sense says:

    Not…YOUR farewell going away lunch? I’m assuming we would’ve heard about that. Did the company pay for the previous farewell lunches?

    If so, that was pretty good of them while it lasted. My old company would go to this nasty (yet expensive) pizza place and we’d all have to chip in something like $30 for roughly 2 slices of really bad pizza. I stopped going to them the last couple of years, no matter how much I liked the person that was leaving–I usually hung out with them (and bought them a drink or soemthing) outside of work before they left, anyway!

  3. Revanche says:

    matt: It’s only $4 a day, but if I bought every day this week, it’d be way too much. It’s only that cheap because I only buy one sandwich. I think if I brought my lunch, it’d be something like $13-15 for a week’s worth of basic sandwich fixings (bread, meat, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers) and salads. The salad doubles as greens for the sandwich and as a standalone. I would have about $5 left over to buy some fruit, so the meal would be more robust, but the sandwich wouldn’t have the extra, delicious goodness in a bought sandwich: sprouts, onions, about twice as much filling as I would normally use, and pickles on the side.

    sense: No, sadly enough, an intern’s. The company used to pay for everything: farewell lunches, birthday lunches, dinners, field trips, retreats, etc. Sadly, there’s been a sea change in the operation over the past several months. I can’t wait to be off and away ….

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