By: Revanche


August 14, 2008

As much fun as some of the travel has been, I’m starting to feel a bit turned around by so much of it. Already, I’ve got to pack tonight for another trip, this time for a wedding up north. Of course I’m looking forward to seeing and spending time with people but there’s been scarcely a moment to breathe between trips (or blog!)

I’m looking forward to a weekend or two of peace and quiet to catch up with myself.

I did get a nice 30 minute workout in last night. Spent some time on the treadmill, broken up by chasing the dog around the yard or being chased by him, and worked with some free weights for a while. It’s hot enough that it’s not hard to break a sweat, but at least some of that was from actually working out. The dog joined me because he needs a workout too, but I get nervous playing the chase game with him, he’s still a big galumph and tails me too closely. He nearly took me down last night and I’m not sure if that’s because he meant to or because he sprang too closely. Anyway, if I end up with some major injuries caused by falling during a run, you can blame the dog.

Also, I managed to fit in some studying before and after dinner. It wasn’t a ton, but it was good brain food.

Yodlee’s acting funny. It refuses to retrieve ING account information.

Regarding work: *sigh* All I can say is, I’m Kim Possible, “so not the drama.”

Lastly: I love Bin Bin rice crackers. (aka: MSG crackers, to some folks.)

2 Responses to “Discombobulated”

  1. Try going to ING and updating to the new security questions. Yodlee will ask for new answers the first couple times, but it should work eventually.

  2. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: Thanks, I’m going to try that. The problem now seems to be that Firefox won’t load Yodlee at all, the brat.

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