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I <3 Google Docs

August 14, 2008

Living under a rock, as usual, I’ve only just discovered Google Docs. I’m now using it regularly to update my resumes and track my PayPerPost posts and the accounts the money goes into. It’s awesome! I kept thinking that I needed to keep tabs on how much money went into each account since I’m rotating in increments of 100/100/50, but hadn’t bothered to set up a system beforehand. Turns out keeping track in your head? Not really a great method of accounting. You’d think I’d know that by now, right?

Besides a modicum of laziness, my pessimism decided PPP would take as long as Google Adsense to build up any significant amount (2 years and counting!!) but I’ve actually broken the $100 mark with PPP so far, and hope to continue full steam ahead.

So, knowing that the amounts in my accounts (especially the Travel Fund) would constantly fluctuate, I started an Excel sheet listing the date of the post, the post number, the approval date, the payout date, the payout amount, the running balance, the account that the payout would go to, the balance in the specific account, and a tranfer date so I’d know when the funds went from PayPal to my bank account. Whew!

So far, the only thing that bothers me is that they only give the post number in the actual PayPal transaction. It doesn’t appear in the post history, the email notification of approval or payout, or anywhere else. That’s a little aggravating, so I added a post title column just so to clear up identification issues.

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