By: Revanche

Ooooof, portfolio’s dipping to new lows

August 8, 2008

Either I should look at my portfolio with an eye to rebalancing as necessary or just, as my bio teacher used to say, “Shut my eyes and cover my ears and it’ll all go away.” *grump* It’s probably really going to all go away as it’s profusely bleeding red right now.

Yodlee makes it so easy to take an unnecessary daily peek at the balances bouncing all over the chart; I’m going to make it a point to scroll right past my portfolio on a daily/weekly basis because there’s no point in fretting if I’ve made my choices. June was the worst month with a depreciation of $1,710. The losses have been exponentially less since then: July (-344) and August (-169 thus far).

It’s a little sad because just the month before (May) it was doing pretty well and the value of my investments was actually above the net investments. Now they’ve traded spots on the graph.

I’ll be giving it some time to ride out some of this market volatility. Since I’m taking a very long view with this money, and am not contributing a significant amount right now, it behooves me to be patient and educate myself about the market in the meantime.

2 Responses to “Ooooof, portfolio’s dipping to new lows”

  1. Markets are currently up over 2% today, and I think, up for the month. So maybe you can look once more at the end of the day and cheer up a little. Then don’t look again!

    In theory, a down market when we are young and investing is a very good thing.

  2. Revanche says:

    stackingpennies: In theory, yes. But we’re not guaranteed a recovery period, so it’s a little depressing.

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